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520 South 10th Avenue, Hanford, CA.  93230, (559) 584-5475
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The business offers a large variety of plumbing, electrical and hardware supplies.  There are catalogues available, and items on display.  The shelves are stocked with much needed plumbing supplies, PVC, galvanized and copper pipe, and fittings, electrical ware, bolts, nuts, screws, nails, hardware.  In the back warehouse there are larger PVC, copper and galvanized fittings, flashing and much more. 

Steve keeps water heaters, evaporative coolers, toilets, cooler pads and heaters on hand.  Because of the variety of sizes, he usually orders what the customer needs.  Orders come in on Thursdays, or can be picked up if time is an issue.  More about our products will be coming in time, but for now you can view our affiliate companies.


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